Need interview help?

Interviewing…mastering your most important career skill.

Getting interviews and not getting the job?
Want to be ready
when the call comes?

Sue Holm

has the answers.


Your Sue Holm Coach will help you master interviewing regardless of where you find yourself in your employment journey. Among other things, they will work with you to:

  • Select your best experience stories
  • Answer and practice both informational and behavioral interview questions
  • Speak with ease and confidence to convey competency
  • Navigate awkward questions and interview points that may arise

Over 1.5 hours with your Sue Holm Coach, you will be well on your way to becoming a polished interview candidate. As with anything you want to master, practicing is key which is why you’ll do just that with your Coach during your session. We’ll prepare you too for practicing after your session is complete.

As with all Sue Holm services, what you gain from your coaching session will serve you for years to come.

We call this The Prospector-Interview Service and believe it’s an investment you can’t afford not to make.

The Coaching Summary…

your value-added benefit.

The UNEEK TM coaching method embedded in our service includes a Coaching Summary. Depending on your needs, the Summary may include tactics, key messaging and specific next steps discussed with you. This means you can continue to move your employment journey forward in a focused and meaningful way.


Your experience with Sue Holm lasts long after your session is complete. Your coach and the Coaching Summary make that possible.

What do I get?

2.0 hour live remote coaching session

personalized resume in Word and pdf formats

personalized value proposition

personalized cover letter

session Coaching Summary


Thank you Sue Holm for working through my experience in a meaningful and strategic way. Working with you, I experienced an amazing way to present myself, my skills and my accomplishments - it was certainly a solid self-reflecting exercise. I appreciated how you approached my resume as telling my story. I looked at myself in a refreshed way and at the same time was engaged in the process…a very worthwhile investment of my time and money.


After the two-hour session with my Sue Holm Coach, it felt as if we barely had spent any time at all. We went in-depth into every point, breaking it apart and putting it back together and organizing it into sections so that it flowed. It was so much easier to digest…I was honestly surprised at how much I had failed to consider when I wrote my resume. I feel that a resume should be a doorway to ‘you’. Because an employer knows nothing about you, the resume should provide them with an image of who you are as a person. After reading the final version of my resume it brought a smile to my face. Only one thought was going through my mind, ‘wow that’s ME’. The sense of confidence and pride you feel can’t be described only experienced, which is why I highly recommend sue holm.

Rohan,Young Professional,Toronto,Canada

I had an amazing Sue Holm Coach who was very supportive and positive. During our meeting, she highlighted my accomplishments and strengths in my resume that made it shine! Our conversation also helped me to gain more clarity for my career path. I am now more confident with myself and my new resume thanks to Sue Holm!

Stephanie,University Student,Toronto,Canada

It was time for me to go back to work. I’ve been an at home mom for over 25 years, and the thought of getting back to work seemed pretty daunting. My Sue Holm Coach spent time with me and was able to show me I did more than raise my children. She helped me see that my years of work experience from my early career and all the years of volunteer work was of great benefit to building a successful resume. I would strongly recommend their resume-coaching service no matter where you are in your job search. They can make a real difference. I know it sure helped me.


Working with Sue Holm was great! My coach took my resume down to 2 pages and not only shortened it but also showcased my many accomplishments (which I had buried in my old resume). My finished resume is fantastic and I now have new hope and excitement for my job search. I highly recommend working with Sue Holm!

Kim,Manager,Rochester,New York

My experience with Sue Holm was simply transformational. I received resume assistance and coaching. The process was so impactful and not one that I would have been able to complete alone. Simply put, it was life changing.

Jen,Director,Buffalo,New York