Painful Debt Cycle

For those who cycle into and out of debt, or want to end their reliance on credit, Sue can help you find a way to build meaningful savings while paying off your debt and resolve the underlying issues that brought you to this place.

Looking At What’s Next

Whether by choice or chance, you’ve reached a turning point in your career.  Sue can help you reflect on the past and what worked for you and discard what didn’t. She can help you envision and implement the next steps on your journey with money to create a life of conscious joy.

Life Transitions

Are you concerned about your relationship to money as you
approach a life transition?

If you are an attorney

Sue has practiced law in a variety of settings for decades and has made peace with money.  Her unique skill set is particularly helpful to attorneys who want to improve their relationship with money.

Regardless of the service…

Sue’s focus is always on you – your goals, your values.  She will work with you to realize your dreams and empower you to master your money.


Email Me

I offer a free 30-minute telephone consult. I’ll answer your questions. We’ll discuss your current concerns about money and the outcomes you want. Together we’ll decide if money coaching is right for you. To schedule your consult, call me at 206-919-3648, or e-mail