• Are you a professional, plagued by money worries?
  • Have you tried to figure it out yourself, but couldn’t follow the plan you created?
  • Are you at a loss to explain where your money goes?
  • Have you sought help and tried budgets that didn’t work for you?
  • Are you afraid you will outlive your retirement resources?
  • Are your worries about money occupying more of your energy than feels comfortable?
  • Are you keeping financial secrets?
  • Is your health, emotional well-being, or quality of life compromised by your concerns about money?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, let me assure you that you are not alone and there is a solution.

Financial Recovery CounselingSM provides structure and support to those seeking to improve their relationship with money.  I work with individuals on issues such as chronic debt, money fog, underearning, overspending, and, in the case of couples, differing money styles.

In the counseling process, we look at the mechanics of money – how to plan and track income and spending, eliminate debt and create meaningful savings.  We also work through the emotional issues that may block prosperity.

With money coaching, you can:

  • Clarify and resolve elements of past, emotional issues with money
  • Gain solid, easy, money management skills
  • Create a realistic debt repayment plan that doesn’t detract from your quality of life
  • Learn how to save in an effective, meaningful way
  • Discover how to plan for expenses that used to end up on credit cards
  • Learn to communicate effectively with others about money
  • Reclaim your dreams

I know the frustration and worries people suffer that are natural outcomes of a dysfunctional relationship with money.  I work with individuals and couples so that, with willingness and a little work, pressure, and confusion over money end; replaced with financial confidence and peace.

Experience the dramatic, life-changing effects of financial counseling as the bridge to a healthy relationship with money.  I provide the financial tools and emotional support necessary to make financial health a reality for you.  I maintain strict confidence while providing a safe, non-judgmental environment.

As your money coach, I will help you change your perspective on money and teach you important financial skills.  I will empower and educate you, so you gain confidence and control in your financial life.  The clarity gained from this work will enable you to create a new, healthy relationship with money.

I work with clients on an hourly basis, much like a therapist.  I see local clients in the Seattle in person.  I counsel clients outside the Seattle area by phone and internet.  I currently have evening and weekend appointments available to accommodate busy schedules.