Clients’ Stories

The stories here are those of clients — what it was like, what happened, and what it’s like now. Money coaching is a confidential process, the names in these stories are not the names of actual clients.

Bob & Barb’s Story

Bob and Barb came to me with serious money conflicts. They married ten years ago; this was the second marriage for each of them. Barb had adult children from a prior marriage.

Bob was an engineer. He bought his first, and only, home when he was 23, with money he’d saved while working his way through college. He was contributing the maximum allowed to the retirement plan through his job, which the company matched, and he made the annual, maximum contributions to an individual IRA. He was an amateur photographer and saved up to buy new equipment.

Terri’s Story

Terri was a professional, earning a good salary. No matter how much she made, she continued to have more debt than she was comfortable with and could not save money consistently. Terri paid most bills on time but occasionally was few days late. Terri didn’t know exactly how much she owed. She didn’t know what her monthly expenses were. Terri was committed to changing her relationship with money.

David’s Story

When I started the financial recovery process, I had burned through most of my savings, lost many clients, left my assistant alienated. I was hardly billing, never taking time off, fronting money for clients’ expenses and generally running on auto-pilot. As a result, I teetered on the edge of malpractice – all the while working 60+ hours a week. Remarkably, I managed to accomplish this without alcohol or drugs.