Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?

To get started, call me (206-919-3648) or email me ( to set up a 30-minute phone consultation. There is no charge for this. I want to be sure we are a good fit for each other. You can tell me about yourself and ask me questions. I’ll have lots of questions for you too. So just give me a call. If we decide to work together, we can work in person or over the phone.

What do I need to bring to a first session?

At our first session, we’ll do an intake. I’ll ask you questions, and we’ll talk about your story, where you’ve been and where you want to go. Then we will figure out exactly where to start in our process. I ask that clients bring very little to a first session. I have so many questions and topics to cover that we will likely not have time to go through anything you bring with you. Just come.

How often do I come in?

Usually, new clients work with me twice a month for about a year. Then they go to once a month. However, the process is unique for everyone. And I do maintain long-term relationships with my clients. (It also depends on if we are working on both personal and business finances.) If our schedules permit, I do extra sessions with brand new clients to get us off to a strong start.

How long are sessions?

Sessions last 60 minutes. Occasionally, we may decide to do a longer meeting. Couple’s sessions can be extended to 90-minute sessions if we feel more time is beneficial.

What if I can’t come to your office?

If you have access to the internet and are comfortable using a computer, we can work by phone, using screen sharing technology.

I have a small business. Which should I work on, my personal finances or my small business finances?

Great question. Many small business people start off looking at business finances and then progress to looking at their personal finances as well, others need to start with personal finances. This is an issue we will explore in our first session and decide together before our second meeting.

Do you work with couples?

I maintain a limited number of couple’s appointments. Call me (206-919-3648) or email me ( to find out if I currently am taking new couples.

What are your typical client hours?

I currently have evening and weekend appointments available.

What do you charge?

My current rate is $150 per coaching hour. This includes email support. I have clients pay for each session.  There is no long-term contract.

Do you take insurance?

No, there is no insurance available that covers private money coaching.

Can you make other referrals?

Yes, I often make other referrals. Sometimes it is to financial planners and psychotherapists. I can also refer you to a different money coach to find the best fit for you.