Sue Holm, JD, CFRC

I’m a lawyer, a mediator, and a Certified Financial Recovery CounselorSM.  I became a Financial Recovery CounselorSM after experiencing financial recovery for myself because I loved what I learned, and want to pass it on.

Despite many of life’s advantages, including a great education, money baffled me.  I couldn’t get a handle on my spending and lived in a money fog – not knowing what my actual expenses were, or where my money went.  No matter how much I made, I never seemed to have enough.

There were overt costs for late fees and overdrafts.  The more painful though were the emotional costs – frustration, shame, self-blame.  I spent so much time and energy alternately trying to figure out my money and denying I had a problem.  It takes a lot of mental and emotional energy to deny a problem that is so pervasive.

I suffered much longer than I needed to because I was ashamed that I couldn’t figure it out myself and was too proud to ask for the help I knew I needed.  I read books, made budgets I couldn’t follow and continued to spend unconsciously. To begin my financial recovery, I had to set aside my pride and ask for help.  Hidden among the financial consultants, I found Mikelann Valtera, who coached me through the financial recovery process.  As my recovery continued, the shame and self-blame faded away as I developed a healthy relationship with money.

I learned how to manage my money on a daily, monthly, and annual basis.  I became aware, not only of what I spent but why I spent as I did.  I uncovered and resolved beliefs and fears about money that I acquired as a child that did not serve me as an adult.  I learned to be intentional in my spending, how to save for predictable and unexpected expenses, and yes, save money to invest for my future.  The time, money, and energy I spent in this process was the best investment I ever made.

By the time I came to financial recovery, I was closer to the end of my legal career than the beginning.  I’m perpetually curious.  When I find that something works, I want to find out how it works and pass it on to others.  With this as background, I then trained through the Financial Recovery InstituteSM and became certified as a financial counselor. 

I teach a proven, workable method of personal and business finance.   I am also available to speak on topics of debt management, personal finance, how to align time and money with personal and spiritual values, and more.